We are a 501(c)(3) organization providing opportunities for those in need of restorative experiences in nature. 

Time in nature has been shown to reduce stress, promote resilience, and enhance vitality. Our organization offers access to a quiet haven for renewal, reflection, and rejuvenation.

We are particularly interested in reaching those at high risk for burnout including bereaved families, healthcare clinicians, international aid workers, and activists.     

Take time to nourish your spirit and tend your soul

Professionals: Stress and fatigue seem to be a fact of life for most of us these days. Family and job-related stress take a tremendous toll on our minds and bodies. Many are at great risk for burnout and compassion fatigue, particularly those in the helping professions such as allied healthcare professionals, activists, social workers, foreign aid workers, etc.

People working in such positions face a high degree of exposure to primary and secondary trauma. Heavy work loads, high-pressure environments, responsibilities disproportionate to autonomy, insufficient leadership support, and repeated exposure to significant physical, mental and emotional stressors are factors that contribute to exceptionally high rates of turnover and turnover. 

These fields must better retain skilled, compassionate, dedicated individuals. In order to continue functioning and performing well in these essential roles, we must ensure that our own physical, mental, and emotional needs are met and well-supported. Our organization emphasizes placing real value on supporting the whole individual in continuing to do the important work of their chosen profession. 

Bereaved families: We know firsthand what it is to endure significant loss. If you are here because you, too, are learning to live in this world without a loved one, please know our hearts go out to you. You are going to make it through. Please be gentle with your tender, shattered heart. Take care of yourself as your find your way. 

As you learn a new way of moving through the days, our desire for you is that your will go your own pace and develop critical skills for radical self-care. By providing a quiet environment, we hope to help you tap into the inner resources that will support you in leading a grounded, deeply engaged, rich life that fully honors the memory and influence of those who have gone before.

We offer affordable access to space for those seeking respite and renewal, and facilitate opportunities for quiet reflection and regeneration.


Thank you for your interest in our work. We are grateful for your support and hope you will continue to follow our progress as we grow.