Schuyler Springs is a story of love.

Our Executive Director, Loretta Raiford, has long held a vision of being able to provide others with restorative experiences in nature. Growing up, Loretta frequently spent time tromping through the woods, finding tremendous joy and peace being immersed in nature.

She named her first child Schuyler, after the place she knew her soul to be most deeply awake. Loretta often says that her daughter has been the greatest teacher of her life, that loving her and losing her has shaped the course of her life. 

Following Schuyler's death, Loretta often found respite in nature during the darkest most desolate moments. Rejuvenation came quietly as she was granted opportunities to soak in the beauty of the Earth thanks to the generosity of friends and loved ones. These experiences have truly been a balm. 

Loretta is now a co-owner of the beloved property for whom her daughter was named and where her ashes were scattered, and has devoted tremendous resources to making this a place of respite for others. She frequently takes solace in its gently rolling hills laced with streams and springs and delights in roving through its old growth forests with her insatiably curious son. 

Loving Schuyler showed her the immense power of choice: choosing love, choosing healing, choosing to be fully present, choosing to give. She now chooses to practice living a full life from a base of compassion and gratitude. A nurse, Loretta has a tremendous heart for patients and coworkers alike. She holds a deep conviction that every life matters, and believes that every interaction is an opportunity, and that even small incremental changes can be deeply valuable. 

Loretta founded Schuyler Springs to honor the gift of her daughter's all too brief but profoundly impactful life.  

Schuyler Springs is a story of love.

I promise
I will carry you
here and there,
(there and here)
until I am where you are.
-Angela Miller
... Go outside... amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be... nature brings solace in all troubles.
— Anne Frank