Founded by an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals in 2016, Schuyler Springs is a registered not-for-profit entity.


Galvanized by a common vision to provide a place of refuge, healing, and rest, we developed a model rooted in evidence-based research for building resilience.

Join us in supporting the deep work of prioritizing self-care. 

board members

JULIANA NEMETH, PHD is a public health professional and program manager at the Ohio State University in the division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion. She is a pragmatic strategist with valuable experience in nonprofit start up and operations. She is the mother to three beautiful, spirited boys and delights in cultivating their inner lives as well as the impressive urban edible landscape that graces their property. 

VASILIA COTTRELL works as a highly successful finance and contracts administrator in Washington, D.C. and is an affable force in her own right. Her work with our organization is a manifestation of her deep desire to give back to our global community in a tangible way. She and her husband are expecting their first child in July. 

ELIZABETH CLAYTON is a doctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina studying Organizational Science. An exceptionally driven individual, Elizabeth has made her own way in the world. She is highly respected in her field and is engaged in emerging researching that addresses burnout, compassion fatigue, employee retention, productivity, and engagement.  She is the proud parent of three amazing children.  

LORETTA RAIFORD, RN-BSN is a bachelors-prepared registered nurse with a dual degree in Sociology and a background in program coordination and grant administration.  Known among colleagues as a "quiet giant" and humble but powerful voice for health promotion, Loretta has long desired to pay forward the opportunities for respite and renewal bestowed upon her over the years. She enjoys an abundant life with her husband and their precocious five year old son.